Type tales told for ordinary folk

Gerry Leonidas

It was hard to avoid Just My Type in the weeks before its publication in…
Biography of a special case

Biography of a special case

Rick Poynor

Robin Kinross’s book about Anthony Froshaug has been anticipated in typographic circles for many years…
Political imagery re-examined

Political imagery re-examined

Steven Heller

One challenge of design and art historians today is how to analyse familiar material, like…

Peak practice: beautiful Swiss books

Kerry William Purcell

As I write these words in my Zurich hotel room, fireworks are exploding outside to…
The book as dark, musty gallery

The book as dark, musty gallery

Daniel Nadel

Graphic designer Carin Goldberg’s first book is a catalogue. Though at first glance it is reminiscent…

Urgent images

Eye editors

Is there a more unstable and ephemeral medium for creative communication than thermal fax paper…


Jim Davies

The driving force behind Qwerty – all A7 of it – is Stephen Banham, a…

Could this be the death of the dot?

Simon Esterson

How can you make a picture look its best on the printed page? In recent…

Type paintings of a digital artist

Phil Baines

‘For the past five years, Neville Brody and his studio have embraced the computer as…

Font pirates and price-cutters

András Benedek

‘The typeface market is entering its most challenging phase … there will be blood on…
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