Thursday, 5:00pm
23 June 2022

Book now for Book night!

Buy your tickets for ‘Book night!’ – Eye’s next Type Tuesday – and help raise money for St Bride

Eye’s first ‘Book night!’ – the next Type Tuesday on 28 June 2022 – brings together designers, art directors, authors, artists and readers with gripping presentations by Giles Dunn, Sonya Dyakova, Hugh Miller and Jim Sutherland, and a panel in which the speakers (plus special surprise guests) talk about their favourite books. There will be a bar and a chance to buy the latest issue – Eye 103 – along with some bargain back issues.

Clockwise from top left: Jim Sutherland, Sonya Dyakova, Giles Dunn and Hugh Miller.

Graphic designer Jim Sutherland will be talking specifically about his ongoing collaboration with artist Marcus Lyon in the ‘Human Atlas’ project, which has so far focused on people in Brazil, Germany, Detroit and Silicon Valley, combining exemplary book production with photography, DNA analysis, geography and music – iDetroit involved Techno pioneer Derrick May and Brian Eno. See Simon Esterson’s profile of Jim Sutherland in Eye 101.

Spread from Marcus Lyon’s Somos Brasil, art directed by Jim Sutherland

… and the cover of iDetroit. See Simon Esterson’s profile of Sutherland in Eye 101.

Sonya Dyakova is an art director whose Atelier Dyakova works with a range of international clients, including architecture practices, fashion brands, artists and art galleries. She has designed books for Fondation Cartier, Victoria Miro, Stephen Friedman Gallery and the Judd Foundation. Sonya will talk about some recent publications, including books for artists Paula Rego, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami and Donald Judd.

Spreads from books designed by Atelier Dyakova for artists Paula Rego …

… and Donald Judd.

Art director Giles Dunn will talk about the design process and visual strategies behind ERR (see also ‘Time stretched further out’ in Eye 103), a photobook by cult musician David Sylvian. Dunn’s studio Punkt specialises in meticulously designed and produced books that feature the work of artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Prince and KAWS.

Spreads from David Sylvian’s ERR, designed by Giles Dunn.

Hugh Miller is a London based designer and creative director, known as @neue_miller on Instagram. He will be talking about his design and art direction for Gilles Peterson’s Lockdown FM (see ‘Cool lists for dark days’ in Eye 102), a remarkable collaboration (with Straight No Chaser founder Paul Bradshaw and others) that responded to the early days of the pandemic. Hugh will show early sketches and other insights into the process behind this complex publication.

Spreads from Lockdown FM. Design and art direction by Hugh Miller. See ‘Cool lists for dark days’ in Eye 102.

Tuesday evening’s event, from 7 to 9.30pm, will be hosted by book designer David Pearson (see ‘Inside out’ in Eye 77) and Eye editor John L. Walters. All profits go to the St Bride Foundation, and tickets cost £12.50 / £10 / £8. David’s chosen book is World Cup ’78, designed by the great Willy Fleckhaus (see ‘Paint it black’ in Eye vol. 1 no. 3).

Spread from World Cup ’78, designed by Willy Fleckhaus, which David Pearson ‘liberated’ from his older brother.

Spread from Specimen of Printing Types, Henry Caslon, 1842, which informed the Commercial Classics typeface Isambard. See ‘New bottle old wine’ in Eye 98.

For more about the St Bride Foundation, visit the SBF site, or read some of the archive articles on the Eye site, such as ‘Why we ❤️ St Bride’ on the blog and ‘New bottle old wine’ in Eye 98.

Eye has had a long association with St Bride; in 2019 editor John Walters collaborated with illustrator Tom Gauld to produce this fundraising poster about the institution.

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