Tuesday, 11:59am
1 November 2022

Graphic design live #7

Universal Everything in London; Abracadabra in New York; Offprint Paris; and photographer Jack Davison in London

Graphic design live #7

November’s event highlights include listings from London, Paris, and New York. Read the Eye Events page to stay up to date with exhibitions, conferences, talks and workshops.

Currently on
to 4 December 2022
Location: London

Lifeforms brings together projects from Universal Everything (see Eye 88), placed within a series of habitats designed by Ab Rogers Architects. Their largest UK show to date is an amalgam of unpredictable, generative pieces and installations that mirror and shift with time and the public’s interactions – each visit will be a unique experience for a participant. With projection, architecture, generative video art and interactive displays, fourteen digital ‘lifeforms’ will challenge audience’s perception of ‘living’ and ‘real’ through ‘a subterranean world of the hyperreal’.

View from the exhibition featuring Future You (2019), a motion-capture artwork reflecting your future self.

‘We created many of the lifeforms in this exhibition with generative software,’ states Universal Everything. ‘We design the computational systems that grow characters, plants or abstract lifeforms – yet personalities emerge by themselves.’

Installation of Communion (2020), an immersive world populated by hundreds of procedurally generated dancing lifeforms.

Universal Everything – Lifeforms

Currently on
Abracadabra: Letterform Technology
to 10 December 2022
Location: New York

This show, at the Center for Book Arts in New York, explores typography in relation to symbology, technology and the audience’s perception. The works on display are by Kelli Anderson – an artist, designer, animator, and ‘tinkerer’ who purposely uses lo-fi strategies and ‘humble’ materials to connect to an audience through accessible play.

ABRACADABRA: Letterform, Technology includes takeaway interactive elements, pamphlets, prompts to create letterforms, and collaborative thought-experiments that test our individual and collective experience of typography. The exhibition is accompanied with Anderson’s Risograph-printed and hand-bound book ABRACADABRA, an interactive guide, which explores the history of type and printing technology.

Animation using Riso created for Anderson‘s upcoming Alphabet in Motion book, in collaboration with the Letterform Archive.


Interactive paper cover of ABRACADABRA, an interactive guide by Kelli Anderson.


Coming Soon
Offprint Paris
10-13 November 2022
Location: Paris

Offprint is a book fair held annually in London and in Paris since 2010 with the aim to give platform to art publishers from all over Europe. Exhibiting at the 2022 Parisian edition will be selection of independent, experimental and socially engaged publishers in the fields of art, architecture, design, humanities and visual culture. Nearly 100 participants will be running stands at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, including Occasional Papers (see Eye 102), Onomatopee (see Eye 101), Roma Publications (see last ‘Books received #49‘), Valiz (see Peter Buwert’s review of Ruben Pater’s Capslock in Eye 103) and publishers such as Bricks from the Kiln or InOtherWords.

The entry is free and the programme includes talks, signings and interviews with publishers, graphic designers and artists throughout the weekend. There will also be a web-radio show throughout the fair, hosted by the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP).

Offprint Paris will take place between 10-13 November 2022 at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.


Photo by Shinji Otani from Offprint Paris 2018.

Offprint Paris

Final weeks
Photographic Etchings
to 12 November 2022
Location: London

Featuring a selection of monochromatic works from Jack Davison’s archive, the exhibition presents a series of hand-printed photographs produced using polymer photogravure. Analogue techniques for image creation are Davison’s forte, both while taking the photo (see Kathy Ryan’s ‘Jack Davison: Play of light’ in Eye 100) and throughout the photographic reproduction process.

Davison explores chiaroscuro in his work, often experimenting with the limitations of lighting and contrast and the drama of shapes and silhouettes. The images in the exhibition are grouped by size, and feature human figures, architecture, animals, objects, landscapes and townscapes.

Jack Davison, UNTITLED, 2022, Photopolymer intaglio.

Jack Davison

Exhibition view of ‘Jack Davison: Photographic Etchings’ exhibition, Cob Gallery, London.

Jack Davison

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