Friday, 4:23pm
5 August 2011

Noted #5

Type on camera, infographics, outdated technology and fake logos

More links to sites, articles and interviews that grabbed our attention this week.

Top: Fictional logo for Omni Consumer Products, from Robocop (1987). See, below.

Off-book: Type
This documentary from PBS includes interviews with Paula Scher, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones and more.

Newsroom time-machine
Florida Atlantic University put together a newspaper using twenty-year old tech.

Yee-haw, Jack Daniels
A look behind the scenes of a Jack Daniels poster by letterpress studio Yee-haw Industries.

Bloomberg infographics
A selection of infographics from Bloomberg Businessweek. See the interview with BBW’s creative director Richard Turley in Eye 80.
A new tumblr featuring logos for fictional companies that have cropped up in films and television.

Handwritten letter project
Handwritten letters from designers currently being exhibited at the KK outlet.

More next week: see also Noted on the bar to your right.

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