Monday, 12:46pm
29 March 2010

Visual ping-pong

Designers in London and Berlin have started a creative conversation.

It’s good to talk, and this year’s Art Of Conversation has started up a unique dialogue between graphic designers, writes John Ridpath.

Since January, twenty design studios - half from Berlin and half from London - have been playing ‘a visual game of Chinese Whispers’. Communicating via Skype video chat, each participant is presented with a piece of work or idea from the previous designer. They then have three days to come up with their own creation - anything from photography to text or performance - and forward it on to the next.

The conversation will end in the next few weeks, and the final artworks will be exhibited in London’s Idea Generation Gallery (11 > 24 May) and Program Gallery in Berlin (12 June > 3 July). In addition, each participant is producing a limited edition 2-HKS screen print informed by their participation in the exchange (you can see some of the first ones below). Eye will be listening in on the rest of the conversation, and we’ll post an update once it’s over (also following up Eye 74, last winter’s Berlin special).

Below: Limited edition posters for The Art of Conversation by Oscar & Ewan, Slang, Dan Has Potential and Value & Service

Oscar & Ewan_AOC_Poster




The Art of Conversation is curated by Bank and Inventory and sponsored (or in their words ‘powered’) by Skype.

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