Summer 2021

Anette Lenz: Poetic rhetoric in the public realm

Over nearly three decades, Anette Lenz has made work that transcends trends and technology. Profile by Jan Middendorp [EXTRACT]

Over nearly three decades, Paris-based, German-born graphic designer Anette Lenz has made work that transcends trends and technology. Many of her clients are in the public realm. Her striking, intelligent and charming graphics reflect a deep concern for the people on the receiving end of her identities, posters and publications and the social contexts in which they experience them. Whether working in friendly co-operation with other designers and institutions, or forging a more independent and individual path, her work unites superficially contrasting qualities: her German precision and typographic perfectionism with a French taste for social significance and visual poetry …

Spread from a brochure for the Pharenheit Festival de Danse, Le Phare, Le Havre, 2020.


Poster for Le Nouveau Relax. Design: Anette Lenz and Vincent Perrottet, 2006.


Jan Middendorp, designer, writer and author of Dutch Type, Berlin

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