Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

Busy branding in Brno [EXTRACT]

Identity / Integrity 2002

Icograda conference in Brno, Czech Republic <br>(18-19 June 2002)<br>

‘It is time for ethics to join aesthetics, for integrity to balance identity,’ claimed the call to participation. Designers ‘need to re-evaluate their role . . . to help transform the future.’

David Berman kicked off the conference. A designer who has helped establish a code of ethics for designers in Canada, he believes design should become more socially responsible, and made his point with examples that showed the reverse: Coca-Cola’s strategies to gain a market share in developing countries; advertisements hinting at paedophiliac desire.

With a side-swipe at Berman’s contribution, the old British master of Corporate Identity (CI) Wally Olins followed . . .

. . . Berman’s presentation raised complex issues not taken up by other speakers . . .