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Urban brands

Issue 61, Autumn 2006


New Design Cities, a product of the 2004 Montreal symposium, is a dense compendium…

A Modernist’s voyage of discovery

Issue 80, Summer 2011


The Design Museum’s Wim Crouwel retrospective offers a voyage of discovery into…

The frozen past

Issue 54, Winter 2004


For a time, traces of Berlin’s prewar past could be glimpsed in fragments of shop signs

A graphic haven in the heart of Berlin [extract]

Issue 55, Spring 2005


As one would expect of an international business venture, Grafic Europe’s second…

Depth of field

Issue 74, Winter 2009


chezweitz & roseapple are the new scenographers, who persuade museum curators to take the integrated…

Busy branding in Brno [EXTRACT]

Issue 45, Autumn 2002


‘It is time for ethics to join aesthetics, for integrity to balance identity,’…


Issue 73, Autumn 2009


‘Arguing is part of the Bauhaus,’ says Philipp Oswalt, director of the…

Football, politics and the mafia

Issue 71, Spring 2009


The walls of Naples are a canvas for the crimes, passions and contradictions of the city’s…

Remembrance of things past

Issue 58, Winter 2005


The renovation of Paris’ oldest métro line reveals traces of a century of billboard advertising

Brand madness 3

Issue 54, Winter 2004


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Powers of Pabrü

15 March 2018

To discover the work of ‘Pabrü’ – Swiss designer Paul Brühwiler – head to Falmouth University. Jessica Jenkins sets the scene
‘Pabrü’, opens on 23 March 2018 at Falmouth University and offers fresh insights into the output of Swiss designer and artist Paul Brühwiler, writes the exhibition’s instigator Jessica Jenkins.

Fresh ideas, fresh air

11 November 2015

Academics and practitioners meet in Falmouth, Cornwall to discuss the issues affecting research in graphic design
On Friday 20 November 2015, academics, publishers and practitioners in graphic design will meet at the University of Falmouth in Cornwall for a symposium on graphic designers’ research, writes Jessica Jenkins.

Tear-off type walls in Berlin

20 May 2013

The Bauhaus Archive presents a tour of German-language typographic history with ‘On-Type: Texts on Typography’.
They say that an exhibition should never be a book on a wall, but ‘On-Type’ is exactly that. The entire exhibition is made up of many books and texts all over the walls at Berlin’s Bauhaus Archive, writes Jessica Jenkins.

Give us back our design!

17 August 2012

East Germany’s biggest design archive is about to be put under wraps, inaccessible to scholars and the general public, writes Jessica Jenkins
In the period of political upheaval immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, an unknown amount of GDR design material was hastily sold off to dealers, writes Jessica Jenkins – something of a mixed blessing, since, while it was consequently conserved and evaluated, the material was lost to public view.

Not pasted over

3 August 2012

East German posters are given a place in design history, thanks to Plakat Ost’s exhibition in Berlin
The rituals of telling the story of East Germany have become as tired as the rituals of East Germany itself, writes Jessica Jenkins. Typically, works of graphic and industrial design from the former German Democratic Republic are not interpreted as works of design, but paraded, even fetishised, as material manifestations of ideological burden and the command economy.

Break out of the cloisters

3 May 2012

Explore ‘Socialist Modernity’ at a forthcoming RCA symposium
Venture outside the world of blogs and back-slapping designer conferences, writes Jessica Jenkins. Everyday academic life needs your voices.