Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

Doodles for fun and profit [EXTRACT]

Neasden Control Centre

By Neasden Control Centre <br>Die Gestalten Verlag, &pound;26.99, €39.90

The book is divided into twelve sections and encompasses many variations on a theme: there are spray-painted stencils, intricately woven layers of sketches (which remind me of Yoshitomo Nara’s whenever-wherever-the-inspiration-strikes doodlings on the backs of napkins, notebooks, envelopes), a stunning array of found objects (which collectively look like they were pinched from a Fluxus museum) and a series of collages that resemble obliterated press set-up sheets. These conflicting yet complementary styles are visually linked by angry scrawls of black ink that surface with disconcerting regularity as if a delinquent child defaced the entire print run with an assortment of biros and marker pens . . .