Feature: Posters


Political clout: Australian posters

Screenprints gave both activists and artists a means of direct expression

Revolutionary language

“A revolutionary graphic language must seek to expose the meaning by presenting a chain of ideas, images, structures in as much of their complexity as is economically feasible.” Robin Fior in The Designer, journal of the society of industrial artists and designers, London, May 1972.
Day-Glo mind blow

Day-Glo mind blow

Psychedelia hit late 1960s London in an explosion of silk-screen colour

Techno cubists

Champions of the layered look, Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell wed theory and technological wizardry

Your system sucks!

The flight from Modernism left a yearning for graphics that were rough, real, unaffected and believable. At some point, though, the downtown poster hardened into a convention
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