Issue 16


Rick Poynor
Is the education that graphic designers receive adequate to meet the changing role of the…
Design education, Graphic design, Michèle-Anne Dauppe

Design education faces some important decisions. To what extent should it be about the study of the…

Monitor, Robin Kinross

The all-lowercase Dutch phone book has yielded to the ‘Modern Traditionalism’  of Martin Majoor


Rick Poynor

After Cranbrook: Katherine McCoy on the way ahead

Max Bill’s brochure for a Zurich medical supplier shows a less formal side to his Concrete Art

Alex Seago

Raw, vigorous, experimental and often funny, Ark magazine helped to transform British graphics

Adrian Shaughnessy

Barbara Wojirsch and Dieter Rehm bring a mysterious beauty to the record label graphics of ECM

Jim Davies

Radical young designers changed the face of British design in the 1980s. A decade later, their inventions…

Michael Rock, Rick Poynor

In the last ten years a substantial body of critical writing on graphic design has amassed. In this…

Steven Heller

Daniel Walsh, former US Marine, founder of Liberation Graphics and self-styled ‘communications…

Richard Hollis

Massin’s pioneering book designs of the 1960s used graphic devices to make the spoken word visible and…