Issue 16


Rick Poynor
Is the education that graphic designers receive adequate to meet the changing role of the…
Design education, Graphic design, Michèle-Anne Dauppe
Design education faces some important decisions. To what extent should it be about the study of the subject as well as its practice?
Monitor, Robin Kinross
The all-lowercase Dutch phone book has yielded to the ‘Modern Traditionalism’ of Martin Majoor


Rick Poynor
After Cranbrook: Katherine McCoy on the way ahead
Max Bill’s brochure for a Zurich medical supplier shows a less formal side to his Concrete Art
Alex Seago
Raw, vigorous, experimental and often funny, Ark magazine helped to transform British graphics
Adrian Shaughnessy
Barbara Wojirsch and Dieter Rehm bring a mysterious beauty to the record label graphics of ECM
Jim Davies
Radical young designers changed the face of British design in the 1980s. A decade later, their inventions have been softened into easily identifiable styles endlessly recycled by the commercial mainstream
Michael Rock, Rick Poynor
In the last ten years a substantial body of critical writing on graphic design has amassed. In this transatlantic dialogue, Rick Poynor and American design critic Michael Rock explore the state of design criticism now and put the arguments for different approaches
Steven Heller
Daniel Walsh, former US Marine, founder of Liberation Graphics and self-styled ‘communications therapist,’ uses the poster to argue for alternative points of view
Richard Hollis
Massin’s pioneering book designs of the 1960s used graphic devices to make the spoken word visible and enhance the text’s meaning