Issue 2


Agenda, James Woudhuysen
It has always been the duty of graphic designers to challenge conventional wisdom. Designers have…


Rick Poynor
An interview with Pentagram’s ringmaster of paradox.
Rick Poynor
No printing method is too basic for Jake Tilson. Created with photocopiers, his books, magazines and objects are crammed with offbeat invention.
William Owen
Fortune magazine was a visual encyclopedia of American business life
Temple of type
Robin Kinross
St Bride Library is one of the world’s best sources of information about type design and typography. Now it is under threat
Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin
Poster design is an instantaneous art. Eye looks at prize-winners from “Typography Germany ’90”
The designer unmasked
Gerard Forde
Jan van Toorn has turned graphic agitation into a fine art. Profile by Gerald Forde