Issue 27


Editorial, Max Bruinsma

Screen, Jessica Helfand

Personal view, Paul Elliman

Agenda, Kenneth FitzGerald

Design theorists cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to the everyday experience of the many.


Ursula Held

‘I always transform the commission: the role of all graphic designers is to question the brief before…

John L. Walters

Marshall McLuhan's 1951 analysis of advertising's unholy trinity of sex, death and technology

Steven Heller

Peter Giradi's practice creates digital landscapes composed of detritus scavenged from the wastleland of…

Don’t buy this
Rick Poynor

Graphic agitation hits the high street in an installation for Friends of the Earth that questions the…

Jonathan Ward

An artis't book can be a sculture, an object and a private exhibition - a medium liberated from its…

Max Bruinsma

British supermarkets display packets and tins whose graphic design codes have a longer shelf life than the…


In a culture of interface, images become tactile: we feel with our eyes. The first in Eye's new series of…

Paul Rennie

Now that information management is a priority, the logical graphic style of Erik Nitsche has aquired a new…

Teal Triggs

Does the current avalanche of glossy books constitute a genuine design history – or mere graphic…