Issue 51


Big fun with words
Critique, Rick Poynor

Do Zembla’s readers need this much graphic cheer-leading? Critique by Rick Poynor

Agenda, Phil Baines

Designing for the partially sighted: misguided guidlines


Abbott Miller

Walter Pamminger champions the potential of design to create content

Catherine Slessor

A new arts centre faces Graz with a bulging low-res screen

David Thompson

Two epic photographic books give human endeavour a new perspective

Can graphic design reinvigorate the photographic monograph?

Back into battle
Dan Nadel

Nicholas Blechman’s ’zine is a barbed response to contemporary US politics

Dana Bartelt

Palestinian artists tell their people’s stories through symbols and allegory

Steven Heller

An interview with pictorial magazine pioneer Stefan Lorant (1901-97). By Steven Heller

Jason Grant, Daoud Sarhandi

Shooting, cropping and editing turns the vernacular into glossy publishing.