Autumn 2008

Eye 69 contents

The contents of the latest issue

Eye no. 69 vol. 18

2 Editorial

By John L. Walters

4 Critique


Revelations in style. Gallimard’s Découvertes series secures readers’ loyalty by showing respect for their curiosity and intelligence. By Rick Poynor

6 Picture


Illuminated thought. The practice is said to ‘signal a break with the past’ but GTF has an unforced ‘style’ that is impossible to copy. By John L. Walters

12 Common knowledge

D&AD annuals

Excitable hexagonal. Do the covers to the D&AD’s annuals – full of pencils, food, and covered in tactile stuff – tell us anything about the past 45 years?

22 Essay


Sticks in the mind. Does anyone care about posters, or are they just an ego-trip for the designers who still make them? By Véronique Vienne

34 Essay


Awards madness. If design competitions destroy creativity and co-operation, what’s the point? By Jason Grant. Information design by Paul Davis

38 Essay


Mad about awards. Winning can sometimes make a difference – to clients, to friends, and to the occasional good cause. By Alissa Walker

44 Overview

Sous rature

Strikethrough. The act of erasure, or striking out, can add new, unintended meanings to the images and information that lie below. By David Crowley

52 Overview


Once upon a time . . . there was a Big Bad President. How satirists use children’s tales to puncture the huffing and puffing of politicians. By Steven Heller

58 Reputations

Phil Baines takes pleasure in grids, columns, folds and letters – with a very British approach to experimentation. Interview: Christopher Wilson. Portrait: Anthony Oliver