Summer 2006

In praise of the Art Club

Letter from Darren Whittingham, Start

We have just read Saki Mafundikwa’s piece (Eye no. 59 vol. 15) about the Highfield Art Club in Zimbabwe – brilliant work.

As well as Start’s work for clients such as Virgin, Bentley and the BBC we are involved with several artists’ collectives and have just developed a website for Scrawl to sell limited-edition prints of their artwork online. Having read about the Highfield Art Club we think there could be an opportunity to develop a working relationship with the club and hope you can help us to facilitate this.

Soho, London

The editor writes: Start has been in touch with the author and the Highfield Art Club and it has also arranged to send a consignment of surplus computer equipment to the ZIVA art school in Zimbabwe. Watch this space.

First published in Eye no. 60 vol. 15 2006


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