Autumn 2006

The missing Eye conference

Letter from Darren Young

Can you tell me whether anything is happening with the much-trumpeted ‘Eye Conference no. 1’? I registered my interest in this apparently mythical event on the Eye website, and sent you enthusiastic emails last year, but there has been no announcement. I am beginning to wonder whether the conference is a conceptual art (not) ‘happening’, or an Ernst Bettler-style hoax designed to wind up those of us who are not in the know.


The editor comments: Profound apologies, Darren. It was neither a hoax nor ‘art bollocks’. However there may have been an element of wishful thinking in trying to organise anything more complicated than a student discount scheme while the magazine changed ownership and location last year. Now that we are more settled (as part of Haymarket Brand Media), we are proud to announce our first ever event. This is the Eye forum no. 1 ‘Burning issues’, which takes place at the rsa, John Adam Street, London wc2n 6ez on Thursday 23 November 2006 at 6.30pm. The speakers are Mark Thomson, Lucienne Roberts, Nick Bell and Daniel Eatock, chaired by Ken Garland. To book your seat email [email protected] or call 020 8367 4919. jlw

First published in Eye no. 61 vol. 16 2006


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