Issue 61


John L. Walters

Letter to the editor, Ben Archer

Letter from Ben Archer

Letter to the editor

Letter from John Hubbard

Letter to the editor

Letter from J.T. Adams

Letter to the editor

Letter from Darren Young

Letter to the editor

Letter from Robert Fauver

Letter to the editor

Letter from Christopher Robbins

Digital self-expression
Critique, Rick Poynor

The MySpace phenomenon makes graphic expression as simple as swapping photos or keeping a diary.…


Neither downloading, promoting nor selling, Seemusic is about the age-old quest to experience sound as…

Karl Baden
The verb ‘die’, whatever its tense, sends a strong message in the English language: to…
Simon Esterson

Words and pictures – and the way they are used to tell a story – lie at the heart of every magazine…

Alice Twemlow

Each of Jop van Bennekom’s eccentric magazines perches precariously at its niche’s edge

Abbott Miller

Exhibitions blend the complexities of architectural space with the narrative concerns of book design

Will Temple

Abbott Miller’s installation for the Freud Museum in Vienna puts exhibition design theory into practice…

Steven Heller

Why has France’s influence upon European graphic design been underestimated and neglected?

Roger Sabin

Though inspired by UK punk, the Bazooka collective’s violent, sexy graphics spoke in a French accent

John O’Reilly

‘Good’ editorial design has no place in
The Guardian’s print-your-own A4 G24,
but readers love its…

Steve Hare

Smear, featuring a caricature of UK politician Jeremy Thorpe, is the Penguin Special that never was