Autumn 2004

Unintended accidents

Letter from Eric Kindel

For readers of ‘Worlds of moiré’ (Eye no. 52 vol. 13), a clarification of several images is needed since their reproduction is not entirely consistent with their text or caption descriptions. In figures 4 and 7, a number of line tints appear to form moiré effects when, in fact, no such effects are present anywhere in the original printed work.

In figure 9, moiré that is indeed present in the original is, as reproduced, somewhat muted, and this despite several rescans. The effect can be seen more clearly in Frank Whitford’s excellent The Bauhaus, Masters and Students by Themselves (1992), where the same image is reproduced on page 240. Finally, the right two tint swatches of figure 5 should illustrate pre-formed moiré effects, but don’t because they are the wrong swatches; the correct ones can be found in The Process Engraver’s Compendium (1932), page 22, numbers 39 and 40. I admit, with amusement, that remarks made at the end of the article about the control of moiré were in part too sanguine, as some of these ‘accidents’ demonstrate.

Eric Kindel, London and Reading

First published in Eye no. 53 vol. 14 2004


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