Issue 53


John L. Walters
Every now and then I run into an old acquaintance from my musical past – a…
Written all over the body
Rick Poynor
An ‘encyclopaedia’ of Russian prison tattoos exposes a complex graphic subculture. Critique by Rick Poynor
correspondence, Letter to the editor, Caroline Archer
Letter from Caroline Archer, Director, St Bride Printing Foundation
Letter to the editor, Eric Kindel
Letter from Eric Kindel
Letter to the editor, Philip Thompson
Letter from Philip Thompson
Agenda, Adrian Shaughnessy
Whatever ideological stance they take, designers must at least believe in design


David Evans
In 1936, Herbert Bayer was faced with a difficult brief: promoting the Third Reich
Tim Easton
Rubber stamps. Collected and used by Tim Easton.
Nick Bell
Art and culture are open to interpretation. Why must we give them fixed identities?
Rob Camper
Branding is not design and it is not marketing. Branding is a discipline we have to define
David Thompson
The notion of the brand and its plausible functions have been derailed and abstracted
Terry Eagleton
A fresh look at Wally Olins’s highly regarded branding manual, now in paperback
John O'Reilly
Branding a nation may be just a matter of saying everything there is to say about nothing
Dan Nadel
‘They were Frank’s identities, and he controlled them … I was really just satisfying these various concepts.’
Penguin crime
Rick Poynor
Romek Marber’s 1960s paperback identity is a landmark of independent British design
Steven Heller
Scott Stowell’s Open brings innovation, style and plain speaking to broadcast design
Chris Vermaas
The image of Holland has switched from tulips to hemp in one generation