Opinion: Screen


The big reveal: theatrical typography

New media, Typography, Screen

Website choreography lets characters sing, dance and roll over, but you can learn several lessons from the routine revelations of daytime TV soap operas.

The univernacular rules


Contradiction and comformity

Because they’re big


As big businesses get bigger and broader and more ubiquitous, their vision often becomes remarkably small

Television did it first


Ten myths and misconceptions about the so-called ‘new’ media

The myth of real time


In her first report, Eye’s new media columnist asks why, when it comes to time, we equate ‘real’ with ‘fast’

Freedom in the graphic galaxy


Minimalism. Maximalism. Chaos. Software advances plus a reconciliation of two strains of Modernism may finally lead us towards a new screen aesthetic

You are under our control


Design, technology and psychology conspire to find new ways of teasing and fraying the passive viewer’s nerves

Geometry is never wrong


The ‘exact beauty’ of De Stijl could provide cyberspace with a new set of design co-ordinates.

I design, therefore I am


As avatars become increasingly complex, your on-line identity is only as effective as your on-screen visualisation…

Sensory montage


Technology's mission to merge reality and fiction reflects the divided self of its operators - behind…
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