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Critical heat on the Aegean coast

Issue 89, Winter 2014


A workshop in a remote Turkish village gave international students a chance to explore what design can do when technology is scarce

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Word pictures from Yahşibey

19 February 2015
Design education, Graphic design, Illustration, Information design, Typography, Visual culture

A workshop for students in Turkey aimed to focus on graphic design’s value and responsibilities, says organiser and lecturer Gülizar Çepoğlu
This summer in the small village of Yahşibey, near the city of Izmir in Turkey…

Graphic protests inspire laughter and hope

28 March 2014
Critical path, Graphic design, New media, Technology, Visual culture

In the run-up to the Turkish elections, designers satirise the actions of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Report by Gülizar Çepoğlu.
A deluge of satirical poster designs and artworks have become a powerful form of protest…

Portrait of a revolution

4 July 2013
Critical path, Photography, Posters, Visual culture

How social media gave voice to the Turkish people. Gülizar Çepoğlu reports from Istanbul
Technology has helped forge rebel into artist … and artist into insurgent, writes Gülizar Çepoğlu…

On the shores of the Bosphorus

11 January 2010
Design education, Graphic design

East meets West at International Istanbul Graphic Design Week
Grafist, International Istanbul Graphic Design Week, has been taking place since 1997, writes Gülizar Çepoğlu…