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Seaside splendour

Issue 101, Summer 2021


Eclectic, yet streamlined by design. It is perhaps unsurprising that Art…

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Waves of popularity

17 December 2020

Graphic Design plays a key role in the re-emergence of Britain’s much-loved coastal resorts. The seventh and final instalment of Justin Burns’s series about seaside graphic design
The tide comes in. The tide goes out. The seaside is, by its very nature, a place in constant transition, writes Justin Burns.

Sea, sky, paint and pattern

29 October 2020

Rich, decorative patterns shape our experience of the British seaside. The sixth in Justin Burns’s series on coastal graphic design
Patterns and decoration have long informed the design of seaside architecture – promenades, amusements, hotels and shops. Arcades, piers and theme parks display bunting, flags and decorative signage that create an entertaining environment, writes Justin Burns.

Artificial sunshine

4 September 2020

Illuminated lettering signals entertainment and escapism by the sea. The fifth in Justin Burns’s series about coastal graphic design
If we take away the bright lights is there a place? The Blackpool Illuminations first lit the Lancashire seafront in 1879 when they were described as ‘Artificial Sunshine’, and remains an annual event every autumn, writes Justin Burns.

Pier review

20 July 2020

Decorative typography and lettering evoke the halcyon days of the British seaside. The fourth in Justin Burns’s series about coastal graphic design
Lettering, typography, and accentuated three-dimensional signs dominate the British coast, writes Justin Burns.

Books of seaside revelations

3 June 2020

Guidebooks have enticed visitors to resorts since the nineteenth century. The third in Justin Burns’s series about coastal graphic design in the UK
For decades, the guidebook has navigated visitors through the bright lights of the seaside, showcasing the attractions and architectural splendour of the British coast, writes Justin Burns.

Are we there yet?

27 April 2020

In the second instalment of Eye’s online series about graphic design at the UK seaside, Justin Burns navigates the history of the travel poster
The Bank Holiday, a very British institution, was first introduced in 1871, allowing workers an allocated day for respite and recuperation in August, writes Justin Burns.

Resorting to type

16 April 2020

In the first of a new series of Eye blog posts, Justin Burns explores the graphic language of the British seaside
Walk along the promenade and we are met with the sounds, smells and signs that inform our experience of the seaside, writes Justin Burns.