Liz Danzico

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Reputations: Louise Fili

Issue 87, Spring 2014


‘Most restaurants are not used to dealing with designers, so I ask lots of questions. It’s being able to talk about colour, texture or architectural details. All I need is one element to latch on to that can make the logo work.’

Human touch

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


Six opinionated iPad users share their thoughts on apps – photography, entertainment, news, football, finance and fun

Reputations: Kathy Ryan

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


‘It’s a balance between art and content. With art, it’s pure visual delight. And because it’s The New York Times Magazine, we balance that with content. At the same time, most of the photographs have to deliver information. But we often have leeway for the photos to be more interpretive and elaborate beyond the text – the photography is expected to be a powerful voice unto itself.’