Issue 77


Editorial, the editor, John L. Walters
Photography and the joy of publishing in Eye 77.
California panorama
Rick Poynor
Emigre’s latest type catalogue uses historical sources to display wildly varied fonts with rollicking gusto. Critique by Rick Poynor


From bombs to brands
the editors
A new touring exhibition pays tribute to the civilised zeal of the Design Research Unit from 1942-72
Photography. Adventures in motion pictures
Slideshows, film, ‘motos’ and long portraits. Time-based picture-taking is transforming the way that photographers deal with their subject matter. Images by Tim Hetherington, Matthew Donaldson and Lauren Greenfield. Words by Kerry William Purcell, Andrew Losowsky and John L. Walters
Kerry William Purcell
‘It’s like a game of rock-paper-scissors, in which the flicker of film melts the frozen photograph.’
Andrew Losowsky
Do editors’ demands for both motion and stills mean that an era of still photography is coming to an end?
Adventures in motion pictures. Neil McIntosh
Eye editors
‘You can’t scan-read a five-minute film.’ Interview with Neil McIntosh, editor of Wall Street Journal Online Europe
Adventures in motion pictures. Aerial ballet of upholstery
John L. Walters
Matthew Donaldson’s high-speed ‘still life’ photoshoot with GTF for Kvadrat at Pinewood
Adventures in motion pictures. ‘This is reality’
John L. Walters
Tim Hetherington and Restrepo, the prize-winning documentary he made with Sebastian Junger
Adventures in motion pictures. Narrative arc
John L. Walters
Editorial photographer Lauren Greenfield on the jump from ‘essay form’ to story-telling
All my own work
Wayne Ford
Books lie at the heart of photography’s history. Now photographers are opting for the freedom and ‘total conception’ of publishing themselves.
Every detail counts
Wayne Ford
Wayne Ford profiles a ‘major force in British photography’
Out of the darkroom
John Ridpath
Newport’s reputation for cutting-edge photography is based on a solid grounding in film-based techniques and an appetite for constant change.
Human touch
Eye writers, Camilla Grey, Liz Danzico, Tom Hartshorn, Brendan Dawes, Alfrido Triviño, Jason Fields
Six opinionated iPad users share their thoughts on apps – photography, entertainment, news, football, finance and fun
Reputations: Paula Scher
John L. Walters
‘I am fascinated by organisations and the way people behave in power structures.’
Two wheels good
John Ridpath
Designers have always been attracted to bicycles. A new breed of cycling mags shows just how deep that love runs
David Pearson: inside out
John L. Walters
The man who made series design fashionable (and profitable) at Penguin is also a publisher who relishes the ‘big puzzle’ of books.
Slow print
John L. Walters
Allow plenty of time to read Marian Bantjes’ highly personal book debut.
A nose for type
Eye editors
A new publisher of ‘visual writing’ launches with this typographic reboot of an eighteenth-century classic.
Memory of books
Sonia Sánchez
An elaborate, tactile catalogue – and a digital typeface – pay tribute to a golden age of Spanish typography.