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Punk uncovered: an unofficial history of provincial opposition

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


British punk gave a sound, a voice and a visual currency to the disenfranchised and remote.…

Words fail us

Issue 32, Summer 1999


Serious discussions of the relationships between message, audience and graphic design are still…

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Ian Noble (1960-2013)

8 February 2013

Ian Noble was an inspiring teacher who believed in ‘a theory of practice, not the practice of theory’. Russell Bestley pays tribute to an innovator in graphic design education.
It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of one of the great innovators in modern graphic design education, writes Russell Bestley. Ian Noble, teacher, author, designer, outstanding mentor and critical friend to both professionals and students of graphic design alike for more than 25 years, passed away on Wednesday 30 January, 2013.