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Everyday people

Issue 99, Autumn 2019


Emma Thomas and Kirsty Carter’s Apfel, A Practice for Everyday Life, brings design into the art world, and makes design an art

A nose for type

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


A new publisher of ‘visual writing’ launches with this typographic reboot of an eighteenth-century classic.

A persuasive chancer


On the basis of its first issue The Happy Hypocrite is small, quietly experimental and just a bit passive aggressive. Critique by Rick Poynor

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Tear and share

29 October 2013
Book design, Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Reviews

From Anthony Burrill and Apfel – a book of posters you can pull out and put on your wall
If you have ever wanted to stick one of Anthony Burrill’s prints on your wall…

Type Tuesday: Forward to page 1

19 June 2012
Book design, Design history, Graphic design, Typography

Managing (Great) expectations with a mix of ‘Pecha Kucha and speed dating’
A thought-provoking evening at the Design Museum marked the launch of Page 1: Great Expectations, the…

Modern games

1 May 2012
Design history, Graphic design, Information design, Visual culture

Josef Hartwig’s 1922 chess set design advances a ‘Bauhaus reality’ check
Form follows function. The oft-quoted, much misunderstood dictum associated with the Bauhaus finds few better expressions…