Issue 99


Editorial Eye 99
Editorial, John L. Walters
Eye has always been both a cultural journal and a business-to-business magazine. Though we value…
Traces of longing
Critique / Photography, Rick Poynor
For Belgian collagist Katrien De Blauwer, making work is both an obsession and an act of therapy. By Rick Poynor


Is foil the new black? Only when it’s green
Martin Colyer
A British firm is determined to help designers understand the foiling process, from start to shiny finish. By Martin Colyer
Ethics in the age of data capitalism
John Ridpath
Has user-centred design dragged us to the brink of catastrophe? And if so, do we need a First Things First for the digital world?
Everyday people
Alex J. Todd
Emma Thomas and Kirsty Carter’s Apfel, A Practice for Everyday Life, brings design into the art world, and makes design an art
Designing with urgency
Alex J. Todd
From politics to culture to business, Dutch studio Thonik strikes a balance between adventurous concepts and pragmatic resolutions
Normcore inferno
Elizabeth Glickfeld
As brand mania reaches new heights the new logotypes of luxury brands become ever more remarkable in their blandness
News cycle
Paolo Ferrarini
Italian designer Francesco Franchi brings magazine finesse to the world of daily newspapers
Fritz Gottschalk and the Swiss-Canadian connection
Simon Esterson, John L. Walters
Gottschalk + Ash International spans more than five decades, a Swiss design studio with Modernist roots in Northern Europe and North America. Eye went to Zürich to meet the people behind the practice
Business at the centre
John L. Walters
An interview with Sascha Lötscher, managing partner of G+A
Art and ambiguity
John L. Walters
The identity for Venice Biennale Arte 2019, designed by Melanie Mues, distorts type across a colourful three-dimensional grid
Unity and justice and …
Jason Grant
Jason Grant, of Brisbane’s Inkahoots, explains why he brought his New Anthems project to Berlin to collaborate with Anja Lutz’s A–Z gallery and the Buchstabenmuseum