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Ring-bound to rule them all

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Manuals 2: Design & Identity Guidelines (Unit Editions, £75) follows Unit Editions’ Manuals 1, 201…

Space, time and content

Issue 24, Spring 1997


Photomontage allowed Lester Beall to unite art, photography, typography and painting with revolutionary European ideas about layout and form

Political imagery re-examined

Issue 58, Winter 2005


One challenge of design and art historians today is how to analyse familiar material, like…

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Posters of protest and peace

7 July 2015
Design history, Graphic design, Posters, Reviews

This Czech poster book contains much that is fresh and surprising, but makes some odd omissions. Review by Ken Garland
The context for the work shown in this book is usefully established by the 7…

A century of lick and stick

28 November 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

Michael Russem’s Postage Stamps By AIGA Medalists features graphic design in miniature from 1909-2007
Michael Russem’s book Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists, showcases almost every known stamp designed by…

Design for drugs in NYC

7 October 2011
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Typography, Visual culture

Exhibition will explore the graphic world of pharmaceutical products
A new exhibition at The Herb Lubalin Study Center at The Cooper Union will explore…