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Michael Bierut: The designer’s designer

Issue 100, Summer 2020


‘Online, everything arrives with equal weight … everything can have a logo, everything can have an identity, everyone can do it in an untutored way.’ [EXTRACT]

The book of Michael

Issue 92, Summer 2016


It is a pleasure to read a book that is honest, accessible and direct about…

Conference madness

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


It’s a messy hybrid of live chat show, summer camp, theatre and rock’n’roll

Back into battle

Issue 51, Spring 2004


Nicholas Blechman’s ’zine is a barbed response to contemporary US politics

Reputations: Michael Bierut

Issue 24, Spring 1997


‘The biggest challenge that faces a designer isn’t the quest for novelty, but coming to grips with the fact that much of what we do has little content’

Changing of the guard

Issue 8, Autumn 1993


American graphic design is divided. The once rebellious avant-garde has become the status quo, while the new guard shun their elders’ example and adhere to few of the old ‘isms’

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Books received #31

15 January 2018
Book design, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

Fili in Barcelona, the colours of Pawson, Bierut’s essays, dissent and the Resistance, and Alice Hawkins’ highly personal adventures
Here is yet another selection of books that caught our attention in recent weeks and…

Type on the campaign trail

30 October 2016
Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Typography, Visual culture

US designers contribute type, posters, badges and branding to the Hillary Clinton cause
From the outset, the Hillary Clinton campaign has enlisted the help of some of the…

Collaboratively speaking

14 October 2013
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Magazines, Posters, Reviews

A report from day two of the AGI Open conference at London’s Barbican.
Day two of AGI Open kicked off with insights and wisdom about ‘collaborative practice’, write…

Chat show

11 October 2013
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Magazines, Typography, Visual culture

Pam Bowman and Matt Edgar report from day one of the AGI Open conference in London, where the theme was ‘dialogue’
London’s AGI Open set out to shun the standard conference show-and-tell format, and to bring…