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One man brand?

Issue 76, Summer 2010


Manfred Eicher’s uncompromising artistic vision has always defined the look and feel of ECM.

Think of your ears as eyes

Issue 16, Spring 1995


Barbara Wojirsch and Dieter Rehm bring a mysterious beauty to the record label graphics of ECM

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Classic Collections – Back to the 90s

11 February 2016

Surf back down the information superhighway to a time when the World Wide Web was thrillingly new – with Eye nos. 14, 16, 23 & 25
   Most early editions of Eye magazine are out of print. However a handful from the mid-to-late 1990s are still available from the Eye shop at ESco in Essex, and this bundle is an especially good bargain for magazine addicts.

Barbara Wojirsch: Eyes and ears

19 August 2010

A rare glimpse of the art and craft behind ECM’s visual identity
Adrian Shaughnessy’s article ‘One man brand’ in Eye 76, the Music design special issue, is about the graphic design and identity of Manfred Eicher’s music label ECM. (Spreads below – full article on the Eye website.)