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Reputations: Fred Smeijers

Issue 90, Summer 2015


‘My father was a mechanic. Respect – for tools and for the material with which you work – is one…

Why Helvetica?

Issue 40, Summer 2001


Despite the changes provoked by the digital ‘revolution’, designing a typeface for serious…

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Type Tuesday: Between writing & type

15 May 2012

Stencils, stencil letters, tools and new fonts on display in Antwerp
The exhibition ‘Between Writing & Type: The Stencil Letter’, which opened in Antwerp on 19 April 2012, combines two aims, reports co-curator Eric Kindel. The first is to display artefacts gathered over the past ten or so years that document some of the history of stencil letters. The second is to introduce a series of new stencil fonts.