Monday, 11:44am
30 January 2012

Noted #28

German stamps, jazz covers, the New Aesthetic, box art and #occupy

A few links to sites, images and texts that have caught our attention over the past week or so.

German stamps by Berliner Henning Wagenbreth via Fonts In Use (below).


The New Aesthetic (via James Bridle).

Classic illustrated jazz covers by David Stone Martin (below) from the Birka Jazz Archive.


Brian Knight box art via Matt Curtis. See ‘Artwork and play’ in Eye 72.


Gallery of designs submitted to Occupy Design (above). See also Noel Douglas’s article ‘Higher ground’ on the Eye blog.

Occupy Wall Street will hold a ‘State of the Occupation Address’ tonight (30 January) at 7pm at Housing Works Bookstore, on 126 Crosby Street in New York City. 10,000 copies of The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City (by NYC General Assembly) will be freely distributed at the event (top and below). (The publication was featured in a Vanity Fair article under the heading ‘The Revolution will be Graphic-Designed’.)


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