Tuesday, 2:27pm
3 April 2012

Typonauts, start your quest here

Review of Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook

The Web has deeply transformed the retail market of type, writes Sébastien Morlighem in Eye 82.


The main purpose of Type Navigator, by Jan Middendorp and TwoPoints.Net, is to bring fresh and accurate information about where and how to purchase digital fonts to the ever-growing community of type users – ‘civilians’, as Middendorp puts it – as well as professional designers and typophiles …

Read the full review in Eye 82 or on the Eye website.

Spreads show (top) typefaces Romain BP and SangBleu BP from the Swiss foundry b+p (see ‘Body typeEye 72), and (below) work from Mário Feliciano. Book design: TwoPoints.Net.

spread 2

Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook
Edited by Jan Middendorp and TwoPoints.net
Designed by TwoPoints.net
Gestalten, €49.90, $78, £45

Read ‘Typonauts, start your quest here’ in Eye 82 (cover, below).

EYE82 cover

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