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Rational, exuberant, eclectic

Issue 96, Spring 2018


In a section of his final book, Vision in Motion (1947), László Moholy-Nagy…

A weighty guide to Latin typefaces

Issue 95, Winter 2018


More than ever, typography is an incessant talking (and writing) point. Its…

Poland’s graphic pioneers

Issue 92, Summer 2016


Publications attempting a comprehensive overview of a country’s graphic…

Unpredictable Swiss design

Issue 90, Summer 2015


The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, created in 1875, was a pioneer institution…

Stone love

Issue 88, Summer 2014


Since the early 1960s Michael Twyman has contributed to the establishment and…

Letters on location

Issue 85, Spring 2013


Many francophiles would say that there are more interesting, beautiful cities…

On being well read

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


In this shifting digital world, countless websites, blogs and social networks…

Typonauts, start your quest here

Issue 82, Winter 2012


So Type Navigator, curated by Jan Middendorp and the Barcelona-based studio…

Mr Mistral

Issue 79, Spring 2011


New discoveries about Roger Excoffon’s virtuoso typefaces for Fonderie Olive prompt a fresh look…

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Typonauts, start your quest here

3 April 2012

Review of Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook
The Web has deeply transformed the retail market of type, writes Sébastien Morlighem in Eye 82.