Issue 84


Typography, Editorial, John L. Walters, Simon Esterson
The original Monotype was an ingenious piece of highly disruptive technology that caused the biggest…
An outlandish everyman
Rick Poynor
These short films throw new light on the eccentric collaboration between 1960s film-maker / designer John Sewell and artist Bruce Lacey. Critique by Rick Poynor


Dan Rhatigan: All about workflow
John L. Walters, Simon Esterson
Monotype’s UK type director talks about the way the company’s 125-year history informs its approach to twenty-first century challenges.
Machine and man
Eye editors
Art, science and hot metal casting. Photo essay by Phil Sayer
Deep in the Monotype archive
Eye editors
A wide selection of Monotype’s drawings, artworks, publications and vintage photographs spread across a 40-page feature.
A Monotype timeline
Eye editors
A selected, chronological list of notable events in the long, complex history of Monotype
Robin Nicholas
John L. Walters, Simon Esterson
‘I don’t see myself as a typeface designer. Hermann Zapf is a typeface designer. What I have done is to develop typefaces: pulling component parts of various typefaces that seem to work well and amalgamate those into a new design.’
Beatrice Warde: Manners and type
Beatrice Warde, Sara De Bondt
Sara De Bondt introduces a transcript of a rediscovered 1959 interview with Warde.
Stanley Morison: Changing the Times
Stanley Morison
In 1929 Monotype’s typographical adviser, Stanley Morison, published an article critical of the design of The Times. He was invited to submit ideas, and this led to a redesign of the paper in 1932, for which he developed Times New Roman. Here he recounts the process.
Russian revolution
Polly Corrigan
Polly Corrigan meets the founder of a new graphic design school in Moscow.