Issue 85


Editorial, John L. Walters
Anyone who creates something new – whether it’s an idea or an artefact – is…
Identity crisis
Brand madness, Visual culture, Rick Poynor
Rebranding ITV was meant to generate a warm glow – not the heated reaction it received from viewers. Critique by Rick Poynor


Reputations: Chris Dixon
Jeremy Leslie
‘I sometimes liken art direction to film directing. They start with a script, basically just words on white paper, and they read it and start to imagine and visualise it. You can do it a thousand different ways.’
Screen prints
Rick Poynor
Recently discovered posters for the RCA Film Society provide fresh perspective on the intimate relationship between graphics and cinema in the 1950s and 60s.
Milan’s anarchic Modernist
Alessandro Colizzi
Alessandro Colizzi explores the Futurist past of Bruno Munari, the eclectic, prolific designer-illustrator of Mussolini’s Italy.
Go with the data flow
Mark Webster
Dutch studio Lust mixes digital space with physical reality, playing fast and loose with the conventions of interaction design.
Puffins on the plate
James Russell
How the Russian revolution – plus new technology – led to a colourful and radical change in children’s book publishing.
Told in pictures
Clare Walters
Wordless picturebooks form a corner of children’s literature in which illustrators and artists tell stories with images alone.
Learning on location
Linda Kwon
Linda Kwon looks at ways to learn about type beyond the conventional classroom.