Winter 2011

Carter’s battered stat

‘All that remains of the Private Eye typeface design is a battered stat of the type,’ writes Matthew Carter. ‘Nick Luard [then co-owner] wanted to change Private Eye into a glossy magazine and asked me to design it. I realized that this was a hopeless idea once I had met Christopher Booker, Richard Ingrams and Willie Rushton. I made a nameplate, pasted up from the capitals of a typeface that I had previously designed. The same face was used by Alan Fletcher in a logo for Viners, a Sheffield cutlery company, whose packaging he designed. It was used for headings in the magazine Movie that Ian Cameron edited and designed.

I used the Private Eye nameplate plus three words in the same typeface for a poster I did with Willie Rushton – “Private Eye is watching you” which I signed Layton O’Ward (after the Layton Awards for advertising design). I’m not exactly sure when I did the typeface (a piece of nameless juvenilia), but I was paid for the Viners job in August 1961 so it must have been done by then. I could only find a battered stat of the type (above); the drawings may not have survived.’

Matthew Carter, type designer, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

First published in Eye no. 82 vol. 21 2012

EYE82 cover

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