Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

It’s a jumble out there

Wonder Years: Werkplaats Typografie 1998–2008

Edited and designed by Alex DeArmond, Jeremy Jansen, Julie Peeters, Scott Ponik and Boy Vereecken, with Lisette Smits<br>Roma Publications and ArtEZ Press, euros 30

[This is an extract from Eye no. 72 vol. 18 Summer 2009. To order the full, printed magazine click the online shop button or ‘Subscribe’.]

Wonder Years (the title is borrowed from the saccharine old US TV series) archives the first decade of Werkplaats Typografie, the two-year master’s course at Arnhem’s Artez Institute of the Arts. Founded in 1998 by Karel Martens and Wigger Bierma, the course’s original premise was a simple but brilliant merger of the thinking space granted by the best colleges and the kind of real-job commissions not usually experienced until after graduation ...