Christopher Wilson

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Reputations: Phil Baines

Issue 69, Autumn 2008


‘I could never subscribe to a particular way of doing things – I was always more pick ’n’ mix. I’d want to take what was good and alter it a little, or, if I thought the ideology was stupid, drop the ideology.’

Bullet point

Issue 78, Winter 2010


Christopher Wilson is struck by flaws in the graphic analysis of JFK’s death

The look of Lolita

Issue 43, Spring 2002


The author ‘emphatically opposed’ showing a girl on the cover. Most publishers ignored him

Reputations: Richard Hollis

Issue 59, Spring 2006


‘The ideal situation is where you sit with the client and design with them. If anything is emphasised, it’s what they want to emphasise. I prefer collaborative effort to doing what I want. It’s diametrically opposite to being an artist.’

Reputations: David King

Issue 48, Summer 2003


‘You develop a visual style as you would a handwriting one … The content is what you concentrate on’

Dismissal or criticism?

Issue 48, Summer 2003


Letter from Christopher Wilson