Issue 78


Editorial, John L. Walters

Contents, the editor

A soul drifting in neon limbo
Typography, Visual culture, Critique, Rick Poynor

The stroboscopic credits of Noé’s movie suck the viewer into an immersive maelstrom of lettering.…

Understand, visualise, survive
Design education, Education, Max Gadney

Max Gadney argues that information design should be a compulsory part of every graphic design course


Reputations: David Gentleman
John L. Walters

‘I did absolutely anything that came my way, which I’ve done throughout my life. But what I know about…

The little journal that grew big
Lance Knobel

How Dave Eggers’ design ethos contributed to the success of his publishing ‘empire’, McSweeney’s

Hail that cab map
Mark Porter

Mark Porter on an interactive site that reveals the urban energy of New York

Head Trip
Simon Esterson

Simon Esterson applauds the vivid drama of a pharmaceutical brochure

The way ahead
Paul Stiff

Paul Stiff explains why the British road sign system simply works

Pin point
Jack Schulze

Jack Schulze praises the ‘US space programme’ of mapping

John Ridpath

Untangling the internet with IA’s metro ‘snapshot’

Bullet point
Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson is struck by flaws in the graphic analysis of JFK’s death

Strip science
Rob Waller

Rob Waller decodes the multimodal layout lessons of Rupert Bear

Drawn to the land
Angharad Lewis

Angharad Lewis appreciates the human touches of Wainwright’s guide

Tool-shop for a counterculture
Ken Garland

Ken Garland hails the ultimate buying guide for the anti-capitalist revolution

Future projections
Saki Mafundikwa

Saki Mafundikwa examines a map that confronts western prejudices

Branches and roots
John L. Walters

John L. Walters on the break-ups and tearful reunions of Rock Family Trees

Life’s little detours
Eric Heiman

Eric Heiman salutes the ‘Edward Hopper of design and comic art’

Do it yourself
Fraser Muggeridge

Fraser Muggeridge reads a trusty manual that shows how to fix almost anything

Culture compass
Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky on the ‘nonsensical authority’ of the Approval Matrix

Graphic language
Tony Pritchard

Tony Pritchard swears by the elemental beauty of the Periodic Table

Icons for the people

A new V&A display and a book trace the method of visualising data pioneered by Otto Neurath in the 1920s…

Paper planet
John L. Walters

Joost Grootens, whose background is in multimedia and architectural design, is reinventing the atlas for…

Love of lexicons
Rick Poynor

The dictionary framework allows readers to find random nuggets of information, forging connections that…