Issue 59


John L. Walters

Relational aesthetics, advertising, type design, photography, identity and Richard Hollis; the editor…

Design history, Illustration, Typography, Jason Smith

Type designer Jason Smith takes an appreciative look at the shapely curves of Eric Gill’s erotic…

Letter to the editor, Sean Capone

Letter from Sean Capone

Conference health warning
Letter to the editor, David Womack

Letter from David Womack

Letters to the editor, Beatrice Trueblood , Eduardo Terrazas , Daoud Sarhandi

Letter from Eduardo Terrazas and Beatrice Trueblood / reply by Daoud Sarhandi

Digital history book
Critique, Rick Poynor

A website about Alvin Lustig pioneers the presentation of design history for the click-and-search…

Nick Bell

Notes on identity design (see Picture about the Walker Art Center) by Nick Bell


Nick Bell

The Walker Art Center has a new identity – multi-voiced, reflexive – that does exactly what it says

Limited Language

Nicolas Bourriaud’s concept of ‘relational aesthetics’ may give designers a new set of tools

Reputations: Richard Hollis
Christopher Wilson

‘The ideal situation is where you sit with the client and design with them. If anything is emphasised…

Saki Mafundikwa

Not even eviction and exposure to the elements can stop the Highfield Art Club from printing

Jan Middendorp

Type designer Cyrus Highsmith learnt the craft through both study and apprenticeship

Dinah Casson

This radical, well designed plan sought to turn grimy war-torn London into a Modernist Utopia

Sue Steward

These obsessive photos detail a sensual world of books and love letters

Karl Baden

Iconic book cover images create a surreal, alternative history of twentieth century photography

Lynne Ciochetto

Global visual culture is dominated by the values of the industrialised West

Jamie Hobson

Painted blobs and stripes mark the way for walkers through the Pyrenees