Spring 2003

Yellow Submarine models

Hard plastic models of Yellow Submarine figures, collected and appreciated by Paul West

Cartoons have always been a huge source of inspiration for me. There are many warm memories associated with them that provide security in an uncertain, ever-changing world.

When I was pretty young, I saw Yellow Submarine, and the Blue Meanies and The Glove had the same effect on me as the Silver Surfer and Marvel. Op Art, Pop Art and Surrealism intertwined in a bewildering array of psychedelia that blew everything else away. Created by Czech designer Heinz Edelmann, characters such as the Snapping Turks, Jeremy Hillary Boob (PhD) and the Apple Bonkers redefined illustration as a postmodern artform for a mass audience – and I wanted to be part of it.

I have collected these figures for the past five years. Not only are they the perfect Pop Art toys, they are also the best three-dimensional cartoon reproductions I have ever seen, tactile and eccentric with their elongated legs and exaggerated features.

See also inside covers, front and back.

Based on the 1968 Beatles cartoon movie. Art director: Heinz Edelmann. Director: George Dunning.

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