Issue 47


John L. Walters
There is a certain kind of urban store which in addition to stocking magazines and books…
Playground surrealism
Rick Poynor
What does BBC3’s animated ad say about the new channel? Critique by Rick Poynor


uncredited author
US website satire, re-heated for a UK tabloid’s 2m readers
Tips for the time-poor on how to break the bad news
Daniel Nadel
New US work featuring Alife, Dalek, Huntergatherer, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinness, Mike Mills, Ed Templeton
Eric Kindel
An eccentric typographic proposal from the 1950s
Alice Twemlow
From the (a) trivial to the (b) deadly serious, lists dominate visual culture
the editor
Statistics, expression, economy and a tactile display of the passage of time
Caroline Archer
Printers once promoted themselves through their knowledge of type
Reputations: Maira Kalman
Steven Heller
‘I was out walking the dear dog and I saw 500 things that made me want to make art.’
Paul West
Hard plastic models of Yellow Submarine figures, collected and appreciated by Paul West