Issue 12


Rick Poynor
‘I figure it’s my job to be this kind of blinkered believer. You know: I am the new futurist, I will live in the technological world.’
Eye writers
The maverick composer’s album covers, by assorted hands, were provocative examples of rock art
Michael Rock
Does Minneapolis-based Makela’s electro-futurism embody the end of the 1980s or a new avant-garde?
Philippe Garner
The Douglas Brothers would much rather see their photographs in a magazine than on a gallery wall
Nick Wadley
Stefan and Franciszka Themerson’s Gaberbocchus Press was founded on the conviction that all the books they conceived together, wrote, designed and published should be “best-lookers.”
Koosje Sierman
Graphic design was just one of the tools Karel Teige used to advance his vision of a new Czech society
Liz Farrelly
Eye talks to young French designers who reject the atelier system and prefer to go it alone