Issue 19


Rick Poynor
Agenda, Kevin Fenton
First published in Eye no. 19 vol. 5, 1995…
Critical path, Design education, Graphic design, Liz Farrelly
Britain has many design stars and most of them are men. Yet very few young women want to be seen as feminists. That’s starting to change


Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin
‘I would advise young people to look at everything they encounter in a critical light … Then I would urge them at all times to be self-critical.’
Archive: International Picture Language
Robin Kinross
Otto Neurath’s 1936 book was the fullest exposition of his vision of an international visual language
Max Bruinsma
Studio Dumbar uses its posters for the Zeebelt Theatre in the Hague for anarchic type experiments
Will Novosedlik
Branding experts draw on centuries of myth-making to imbue products with emotional symbolism
Steven Heller
It has taken decades for expressive typography to win acceptance in the world of the children's book
Julia Thrift
British designer David Crow uses his personal projects to question the authority of the graphic image. By Julia Thrift
Richard Hollis
With his ‘livre objets’ for the French book clubs, Pierre Faucheux invented a new genre
Moira Cullen
Matthew Carter's new identity for the Walker Art Centre is a typeface family with 'snap-on' serifs