Issue 35


John L. Walters
Whenever there is a burning issue, be it the end of illustration or the ethics of…
Invasion of the issue-snatchers
Rick Poynor
A disturbing 'campaign' by a clothing manufacturer blurs the line between editorial and advertising. Critique by Rick Poynor
Screen, Jessica Helfand
In our high-speed culture, it is the still image that cuts through the clutter, that remains…
'First Things First' really means 'let's get our priorities right'. It's about daring to say no…


Jan Kubasiewicz, Elizabeth Resnick
‘I don’t trust words. You can say anything with words. I prefer a visual means of communication allows the message to be more direct’
Rick Poynor
The graphic output of one of Britain’s best loved artists, the originator of the iconic cover for Sgt. Pepper
Catherine Slessor
The uncompromising, gravity-defying constructiond of Zaha Hadid's practice owe their vision and form to reputation built on paper
Andrew Blauvelt
In the face of global branding, designers are seeking inspiration from the everyday
All you need is love: pictures, words and worship
Julie Ault, Martin Beck
Sister Corita Kent’s freewheeling assemblages of text and image provide a new perspective on the 1960s obsession with messages and media.
Andrew Blauvelt
The answers to the perceived threat of illustration's obsolescence lie in an understanding of the recent past, in education and in re-integration
Jeremy Hall
In an ambitiuos programme, Roayl Mail has commissioned four dozen illustrations that strive to encapsulate 1000 years of British history
Robert Mason
Illustration may be back in fashion, but for the profession to develop, practitioners must explore a more pictorial tradition of image-making