Issue 42


Postcards from the edge
Graphic design, Visual culture, Critique, Rick Poynor

The ‘unpatriotic’ Sphere caught US designers at the worst moment. Critique by Rick Poynor

Typography, Wolfgang Weingart

The ruins of Baalbek in the Lebanon

John L. Walters


Stefan Sagmeister, Peter Hall

Street-corner merchandising tries to remember the twin towers

David Crowley

Alienation sells! The seductive flatness of Situationist aesthetics

Andrew Robertson

H2G2 animations anticipated the look and feel of future computers

Day-Glo mind blow
Julia Bigham

Psychedelia hit late 1960s London in an explosion of silk-screen colour

John L. Walters

A New Yorker opts for content, tactility and the sound of surprise

Adrian Shaughnessy

You can feel it. The unimpeachable authenticity of uncoated board

Fay Sweet

When paper mills target the design business, what should they print?