Issue 67


Monitor, Jim Sheedy, Kevin Larson
Spare a thought for the reader’s overworked eye muscles when designing text pages
John L. Walters
I don’t know about you, but the world of origami, with its ‘molecules’ and ‘bug…
Portrait of the designer as author
Rick Poynor
Chip Kidd, designer and now novelist, is as skilled at crafting his own image as he is at creating other authors’ book covers. Critique by Rick Poynor
Letter to the editor, Mary Ann Bolger, Paul Shaw
Letter from Paul Shaw


Garech Stone
Single-character logos provide rich, raw material for identity design
Andrew Haslam
How lettering is made for public display: hand-cutting in wood and stone, & routing in metal and plastic
Limited Language, Monika Parrinder, Colin Davies
A2’s work is based on conceptual rigour, a feel for print process and a unique flair for bespoke typefaces
Kenneth FitzGerald
Mark Andresen is a graphic one-man-band, with deep roots in the VouDou of pre-Katrina New Orleans
John L. Walters
Marian Bantjes
Maths, computers and the internet are bringing new life, form and purpose to a traditional paper art
David Womack
Faced by the eccentricities of a new show, Web legend Yugo Nakamura opts, brilliantly, to flaunt its flaws
various authors
Elegant, chunky, laugh-out-loud, nervy, bookish, perfumed . . . our informal jury puts type into words
John D. Berry
Whether as labelling, wayfinding or mere decoration, letters bring function and form to the built environment.
Keith Miller
Robert Polidori’s deceptively picturesque images remind us of the futility of human ambition