Issue 7


Modernity and tradition, Phil Baines
Modernism tried to break with the past; traditionalists embrace it. But any kind of ism is fated to become an anachronism


Julia Thrift
‘The thing we have never done at Emigre is to second guess what the audience would like or be able to comprehend’
The digital wave
Robin Kinross
The old manufacturing companies that dominated typeface production have been swallowed and largely pushed to the sidelines. By Robin Kinross
Telling and selling
Steven Heller
Cooper Black is one of the emblematic typefaces of the twentieth century. Who was the man behind the face?
Rick Poynor
Why Not Associates are the wild boys of the British typographic scene … How do they get away with it?
Ellen Lupton
Designers take a superior view of vernacular typography. Is it time to come down from on high?